Finding Harmony, Cypress Corners Book 1

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Finding Harmony, Cypress Corners Book 1


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A country girl committed to nature. A city guy with his eye on the bottom line. A battle of wills…a battle for balance And a love that can tip the scales
Rick Chapman is climbing to the top of his father's corporate ladder. Fulfilling Chapman’s contract will finally prove his value to the company. And to his father. But one endangered weed, and the pretty plant girl trying to save it, could screw up his plans. Harmony Brooks loves her job as plant conservationist, and the money she earns lets her make up for a former boyfriend’s betrayal. He not only stole her parents’ money, he stole her heart.
Can Harmony prove to Rick that he’s worth so much more than his father’s approval? Or is Rick so blind he can’t see that loving Harmony is worth losing what he’s wanted for so long?