Alien Mercenary's Bride - Sneak Peek

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Alien Mercenary's Bride - Sneak Peek


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Stowing away on an alien ship? Idiotic. Stowing away on the Warborne's ship? Suicidal.

Marika Ingrassia is desperate. To escape another wedding arranged by her father, she runs. Between a homicidal groom and a ship full of trained killers, she'll take her chances with the mercenaries, thank you very much.

She's the prettiest thing he's ever seen. And everything a killer like him doesn't deserve.

Skinny has been a mercenary most of his life. One of the legendary Warborne, he's killed more men than he's had hot dinners and he's damn good at it. When he finds a scared human female, he doesn't expect his reaction to her, or for her to clock him over the head with a pipe.

Unpleasantness aside, when he realises she needs help, he's all ears. And everything else she needs...