Paths, A Vampire Romance

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Paths, A Vampire Romance


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When Cora is invited along to her dad’s working trip to Romania, she can't pass up the opportunity for a free vacation. When the first stop is an old gothic's church in a small Romanian town, however, Cora soon becomes bored and decides to do a little exploring on her own. As her dad is taken on an official tour by a kindly man of the church, Cora finds a narrow stone stairway secreted behind a stone pillar and just can't resist heading down it.

What Cora finds in the basement of the church building however, is all too familiar and more haunting than she can imagine. Drawn to the heavy stone sarcophagus, Cora soon finds herself in the company of a familiar face and one that is not all that it appears to be. The question is though, that once this Romanian vampire gets her under his spell,