The Dallas Bradshaws - SAMPLER

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The Dallas Bradshaws - SAMPLER


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The Dallas Bradshaws Series SAMPLER - First Chapter from Book One & Book Two.

After fifteen years, fire fighter Tripp Landers is still in love with Laney Bradshaw, who is buried under a mountain of life-gone-wrong. Will Tripp and Laney find a second chance at love? Or are they destined to screw things up yet one more time?

When female fire fighter, Callie Walters, responds to a house fire at Jace Bradshaw’s brother’s house, sparks fly. Jace thinks Callie is a shallow gold digger, just like his ex-wife. She takes him for a player living out of the back of a horse trailer—exactly like her rodeo bum father. Can a gold digger settle for life in a horse trailer? Can a rodeo bum offer enough to capture her interest?