Snow Magick

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Snow Magick


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It’s snowing in Key West. That can only mean one thing. Magick.

The world is full of magick, most people just don’t realize it. Some of that magick is fun and harmless, but some of it can be deadly. Callum Coughlan knows that all too well. He has spent his life as a talisman hunter. Someone who travels the world collecting objects that have been charmed... or cursed.

Neal Flanagan is also a talisman hunter by trade, but he is more interested in the broody difficult Callum than whatever is causing snow in Florida right now. He has wanted to partner with Callum—in more ways than one—from the first time their paths crossed on a mission to retrieve a talisman. And this time he has a plan... Find out what is causing the snow and come clean about his feelings for Callum.