Filling the Void (Sneak Peek)

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Filling the Void (Sneak Peek)


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After the sudden death of her beloved Granda, Candice Davis finds herself unable to play the piano. With her best friend gone and her passion blocked, Candice decides to return to her hometown in Rozenne to volunteer at her favorite place in the world: Greenwich Orphanage. Between Nathan, Jake, and all of the other orphans, Candice believes her life is finally filled with love, but then she meets James.
He’s tall, stubborn, and his scent is just like her woodworking Granda. He’s also invisible. And though Candice is unaware, she senses something is off about him—and her life.
Torn between an impending adoption and a terrible accident, Candice has to solve the mystery of James and learn to play the piano again, or she’ll never fill the void of her broken heart again.

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