Forged Absolution (Book #4 - Fates of the Bound )

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Forged Absolution (Book #4 - Fates of the Bound )


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As a spoiled highborn, Lila Randolph has never gone hungry. But when a newspaper leaks her extralegal activities, she must escape the city without any money. At least until the oracle requests her assistance, forcing Lila to choose between sanctuary and partnering with her ex’s brother.

Tristan DeLauncey has moved on after splitting up with Lila. But after his brother brings her to their apartment, old feelings and annoyances return, especially after she and Dixon begin investigating a case for the oracle.

A case that should have remained with him and his brother.

A case that has pushed Lila and Dixon too close for comfort.

Can the group settle their differences to save the oracle children? Or will their issues condemn the oracle and kickstart a war?