FREE Preview RIVER'S HEART, A Rock Star Romance (STEEL Series #4)

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FREE Preview RIVER'S HEART, A Rock Star Romance (STEEL Series #4)


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Despite doing everything in his power to teach Layla how to love and trust, River is about to face what he fears the most, and it all happens when he expects the least. Crushed, he spirals out of control, getting back to his old ways. In the meantime, Layla seeks solitude to find answers and heal her heart. Time brings her the much-needed wisdom, and also the inevitable regret. And then one day, her best friend gives her a clue on what lies in River’s heart. With newfound confidence, she reaches out to him, setting in motion a string of events that completely change their lives, testing their love for each other.

NOTE: Things may crumble and get dirtier before they get whole.

This is a New Adult Erotic Romance, intended for mature audiences only ( 18+).