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A supernatural family secret. A hotter than hellfire Guardian. A fight for survival.

Halle Michaels is tough. She’s had to be. She lost her dad to a mysterious accident before she was two. But she’s seen it in her dreams—dreams have been making their way into her reality. The most recent involving a fiery explosion and an even hotter wannabe hero trying to save the day and Halle. Not that Halle thinks she needs saving.

Aedan Jeremiah doesn’t allow emotion to cloud his judgment. This assignment is no different. His job is to protect Halle and he intends to do it no matter how difficult she makes it. But he didn’t count on her unusual abilities factoring into the equation, nor is he prepared for the effect she has on him.

When an ancient, sought-after book lands on Halle’s doorstep, Aedan knows Hell’s elite will be coming for it, and for Halle. He also knows she won’t back down.

Is Halle strong enough to survive the forces of Hell? Or will she face the same fate her father suffered?