Hallelujah Is Dying—Excerpt

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Hallelujah Is Dying—Excerpt


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Hell comes to Hallelujah, a sleepy little mining town high in the Colorado Rockies.

Flint Harrington was Hallelujah's marshal until Mayor Joe laid him off. Five months later, the mayor is dead, found collapsed in his mine. His widow asks Flint to investigate. He agrees to help her as a favor but expects to find that Joe died of natural causes.
To Flint's horror, he discovers instead that Joe was hiding a terrible secret from his wife and the town. Joe's unexpected death pulls back a curtain and exposes a criminal enterprise thriving in Hallelujah's dark and remote mines.
Human monsters roam those hidden corridors, torturing and killing innocent victims. And when more murders follow, the town turns to the marshal they once cast aside, praying for him to save them all.