The Alien Revelation Saga Book One:  The Appearing

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The Alien Revelation Saga Book One: The Appearing


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Perfectly suited for all ages! A G rated SciFi Saga!

Roger Seaton is a typical millennial. He’s quite social and has a circle of good friends. Girls like him. He works at a mega-corporation but isn’t ambitious, preferring to spend his days surfing the web. He’s a bit lazy, a bit selfish and more than a bit shocked to have a voice start talking to him in his head. That voice wants to provide a Revelation that will challenge mankind to its core, and explain its purpose.

The story interweaves the unfolding Revelation with how it affects at first Roger, and then his growing circle of friends and followers. Their lives are turned upside down as Roger and his best friend, Jane Mitchell, struggle to come to grips with what they are learning - and with the changes that are happening to them.