Accepted: VIP College #1 - Sample

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Accepted: VIP College #1 - Sample


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As a non-wealthy, non-celebrity scholarship recipient, VIP College freshman Aubrey is intent on joining the college's Literary Society. As a budding romance writer, she hopes to find a group of like-minded bookworms.

Instead, she is confronted with the VIP Lit executive committee: Luka, the prince, elegant and refined. Jaeson, the billionaire, handsome and alluring. Riot, the rockstar, guarded and aloof.

With the literary club in danger of being disbanded due to low readership, Aubrey’s anonymous romantic stories may be the only thing that can save them. There’s only one problem: Aubrey's experience with romance and love is limited, but her readers keep asking for more.

Can Luka, Jaeson and Riot help Aubrey find the inspiration she's yearning for?