Roughing the Cheerleader: Railed By the Football Team

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Roughing the Cheerleader: Railed By the Football Team


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Can Dalia hold herself as she is torn apart by the pack of wolves... the Wild Jocks...

Coach's 18 yo old daughter, Gentle, Sweet... So in love with Tyler.
I am your winning trophy... Take me..."

Tyler Klein
Star Quarterback, Sweaty, Messy, hard rock abs...
"Bros before hoxxxx... The team shares everything..."

When Dalia steps in to Tyler's hot shower, she had no idea what she was getting into...

They were waiting ... The Gang of Jocks...

Troy Siler, John, Rudy, Jack, Mike, Sliver, Ray, Angelo, Chris... Dalia just becomes the team's cxx dump...

... and she realizes it's the best thing ever happened to her.

What happens in the Football locker room, remains in the locker room ;)