Ms Seagreen's Coastal Mystery-Whale Fall

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Ms Seagreen's Coastal Mystery-Whale Fall


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“Tourists like seeing whales in the ocean,” said Mayor Shadbolt, “Not dead ones on a beach.” Talk about stating the obvious. Radio host Andy Herd dies, live on air. Sabine finds her new home in Watermans Bend is smelling fishy. Meanwhile, Sabine’s best friend Eleanor wants to clear the air of bad auras and declares Herd got throttled by his own diabolical karma. Onto the case is PC Bandama, but the cop is hard-pressed catching a cold, let alone a culprit. Sabine rises to his rescue. What with a pyromaniac hiding an explosive temper, and a late-night, weed-toting DJ, clues get watered down on the rising tide of suspicion? Can Sabine solve this cozy mystery before the shifting sands unearth a perfect murderer?