Dark Echoes: Tales from the Shadows

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Dark Echoes: Tales from the Shadows


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In the darkest shadows, the deepest memories lurk. Hidden mysteries leave their mark and result in disturbing Echoes of the Past.

In the city of Caerton, demons stalk the streets, hidden from humanity. Protecting the human inhabitants is a secret host of shapeshifters, who keep the demons in check, mostly. But moving in the shadows is a deadly cult, The Spiral Hand. Will Caerton's shifters uncover the evil cult, or will the world as we know it be destroyed?

Whether you're new to Echoes of the Past, or a devoted fan already, this new release by H.B. Lyne will take you deep into the dark lives of some of Caerton's most enigmatic shifters. This collection of short stories chronicles events 10 and 5 years prior to the novels; as well as “off-screen” events in the novels themselves.