The Longest Night: A Dark Ink Tattoo Side Story

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The Longest Night: A Dark Ink Tattoo Side Story


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The Longest Night is a spicy-sweet side story from the Dark Ink Tattoo series, about Jack, the bisexual vampire tattoo artist from Dark Ink Tattoo who can feed on blood or sex, and his human boyfriend Paco. Can be read as a standalone—enjoy!

The Dark Ink Tattoo series begins with Blood of the Pack, and it's like a surface-of-the-sun-spicy Sons of Anarchy—where everyone involved is a werewolf, vampire, and bisexual—set at an all-night tattoo shop in Las Vegas. Scorchingly hot, shamelessly explicit, relentlessly queer.

Welcome to Dark Ink Tattoo, where needles aren't the only thing that bite.