Barren Vows (Book #3 - Fates of the Bound)

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Barren Vows (Book #3 - Fates of the Bound)


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Chief Lila Randolph has always managed her love life as a proper highborn should—indulging in multiple partners while refusing to let any of them into her heart. But somehow, Tristan DeLauncey has broken through.

Due to his past, Tristan has kept well away from the highborn. Unfortunately, he can’t keep away from Lila. Not until she admits she must return to her family’s estate and bear an heir for her matron—an heir who must be born to a highborn male.

Can the pair set aside her duty to finish an investigation into a corrupt puppet master who threatens Saxony?

Or will an ultimatum from Tristan tear them apart and put the future of Saxony at risk?