The Ravenglass Fragment III: The Stones of Heaven

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The Ravenglass Fragment III: The Stones of Heaven


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The Stones of Heaven is part three of the exciting Ravenglass Fragment series, featuring demon hunter Alex St. John and his companions. The Ravenglass Fragment is missing, stolen by a hostile sorcerer and his cult of fanatics. Alex and his team search for the lost artifact, and for the kidnapped Dr. Naomi Johar, who may hold the key to the entire mystery. Alex's friends Loren -- journalist and gamer nerd by day, occult detective by night -- and the sorceress Annabelle Lee Moore, accompanied by boy-reporter Rob Maher and the ever-loyal hound Beowulf, visit a seedy rock club in pursuit of a young musician and his fantasy artist girlfriend, who are both part of the cult, then face down a terrifying four-armed demon before following their quarry through an enchanted gateway to another world.