Lost With You

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Lost With You


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An anthology of short stories from Sophie Davis' Talented Saga, Timewaves Series, Nightmares Trilogy, and Blind Barriers Series! Bonus Content: Obsidian, a novella set in a world brand new to the Sophie Davis Universe...

***All stories set in existing worlds contain series spoilers, though they can be enjoyed without having read the previous books***

Talented Saga: Talia and Erik are back together once again, and on the run for their lives. With the world in chaos, they need one another more than ever if they want to save the Talented from extinction.

Timewaves Series: The Atlic Syndicate's newest runner is making waves for Stassi.

Nightmares Trilogy: Traveling around the country with your boyfriend should be fun and romantic, right? But when Underworld assassins and otherworldly...