Factions: NuGenesis Society Book 1

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Factions: NuGenesis Society Book 1


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Note: This is a PREVIEW of the FIRST FIVE chapters.

Two years ago, Alex woke up to utter chaos and desolation in the wake of a magic-laced bio attack on humanity.

Since then, she’s had one burning goal.


Forced to hide unwanted magical abilities, when she accidentally reveals them, her brother is kidnapped in an attempt to coerce her compliance in aligning with NuGen Society.

Rumored to be responsible for the attacks, NuGen is the leading "mob boss" of various magical factions that have risen in the wake of the destruction, and she'd rather die than work for them.

But if she wants to find her brother, she must make an uneasy alliance with the man sent to recruit her.

Will he become her ally?

Or her biggest weakness?