Mate's Desire

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Mate's Desire


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One day, a long time ago, a bunch of authors were sitting around the bar area of a hotel and laughing ourselves silly with all the crazy story lines (while recognizing that we ourselves were culprits of some of them). A cock as big as your forearm? Totally possible. A virgin who is not only cool with double penetration her first time but enjoys it? Yeah, that could happen. And thus, the Fondled and Gobbled series was formed.

This story was originally a part of the Fondled and Gobbled boxed-set offered through Ellora’s Cave. This story is a spoof of what happens when aliens come to Earth looking for a mate. If you aren’t laughing hysterically and muttering, “This would never happen” at least three times while reading this, well, I have failed you and please don’t hold it against me.