Custard and Kisses

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Custard and Kisses


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What happens when your life falls apart and you end up in a random pub in town, gasping for enough alcohol to erase your entire existence? Joshua Carmichael, of course ends up in the wrong pub, the one with a snowflake of a bartender who instead of getting him drunk, sits down and servers him up a nice British cup of tea. Not that the snowflake is a flake of any sorts. He’s just your random drag queen loving muscle bear, with more tattoos than should be legal, piercings everywhere and a smile that makes Joshua Carmichael melt. Not that an ugly straight bloke like Joshua has any interest in someone like Ru. He’s never even watched Ru Paul’s Drag race, or made pasta from scratch, or had an interest in men.
Joshua Carmichael should have known better than to stay. But he did, anyway.