Rapunzel's Surrender

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Rapunzel's Surrender


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Rapunzel may not be in a tower, but she is a prisoner – of sorts.

She is queen and a widow, and an invading army is approaching the castle. As a bitter wind sweeps over the walls, a stranger arrives at the gate, and Rapunzel recognizes the woman’s face from her visions and her name from ancient tales.


Irmela has a dark history, but she and Rapunzel are connected by a web of invisible thread.

While brimstone rains down on the castle, the queen is in turmoil. She battles not only an enemy and her family’s disapproval, but also her own pride. She’s torn between duty and love and tells herself that giving her heart to an immortal is foolhardy.

But the wind, after centuries of being its own master, offers Rapunzel and Irmela its support.