A Pandemic Survivors Omnibus

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A Pandemic Survivors Omnibus


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Pandemics have a way of showing up over and over.
All throughout our history. And there is no good time for them to appear.
And so writers have imagined all the different outcomes and what-if's to explore all the things that could happen, that might happen.
In these works, we see our options, the many possible decisions we can make. No matter if it's in distant history, in a foreign land, across town, or down the street.
These stories were written about the survivors. Some are gruesome, some just unsettling. Some modern, some classic. While its said that fiction is used to educate as well as entertain - here's hoping your choices in "real life" are less deadly than the one's you read about here...
Over 400 pages, 118,000 words.
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