Nicholas Story of an Oaktown OG

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Nicholas Story of an Oaktown OG


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The white male psychiatrist to the far right of the table had a rosy complexion and sandy brown hair with grayish blue eyes. With a look on his face like he just could not put the pieces together, he said in a deep German accent, while chewing on his pipe that hung in the corner of his mouth, “You are very strange. You are very intelligent, and I see from the test results you have a very high IQ for a colored man. Yet you do some of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen.”
He continued, “You remind me of a child who sees a stove with one of the eyes lit and burning; the child reaches up to touch the flame, only to burn his fingers. They quickly learn the flame is hot and it burns their fingers when touching it. Most people know that by touching the flame with their fingers, that they will get