The Wronged Princess

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The Wronged Princess


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1 shy sister, 1 angry sister, 1 feisty sister, 1 confused prince, 1 evil stepmother. Welcome to the real fairy tale.

Finding his mysterious princess by trying her glass slipper on every maiden in Chalmers Kingdom sounded like a brilliant scheme until the silly thing slid quite easily on the foot of the wrong girl. Now Prince Charming is betrothed to one batting-eyed girl without means of an escape.

Cinderella is devastated when her shoe fits one of her evil stepsisters. 'Tis an unfair twist of fate. Was she destined to a indentured life forever? But little do Cinderella and Prince Charming realize that his mother, the queen, and her twin sister (Cinderella's infamous fairy godmother), leap on the opportunity to teach Prince, impulsive decisions do not a future king make!

"Sweetly Enchanting." – Double Rita Nominee, Amanda McCabe
"The timeless Cinderella tale travels in a whole new direction." Silver James - Two time IDA Winner
"A delightful twist on a classic fairy tale." Award winn