Lollipop A Female Hustler

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Lollipop A Female Hustler


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Have you ever wondered what would make a young girl turn to Hustle? What Events or circumstances could push one to become a Hustler? A female Hustler's story tells how far too many young women end up in the hands of wolves. A story of even your faith, hope, love, and yes, even hate, get tested in the concrete jungle.
You are about to read a story of Good vs. evil, which may enlighten you to the horrors and glory of the streets. The story of how to escape the under-belly city of the ghetto, Exposing the crude and savage survival means and the cutting mindset it takes to be a black female hustler.
Very few set out in life to becomes a hustler by choice. The mere necessity is an absolute desire to survive, to survive the do or die attitude of the streets. In a female Hustler, a young girl le