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Warrior Kings (Star Legions: The Terran Wars Book 1)

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Warrior Kings (Star Legions: The Terran Wars Book 1)


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The Terran colonies along the distant border with the Median Empire have been burnt to the ground. Some of the greatest warriors of the age have been murdered, and panic spread throughout the Terran worlds. War is coming, and few believe it is a war that can be wne. As some colonies began to evacuate, the mighty Laconians stand alone. They will never back down, and they will never surrender, but their new king has a plan. As leader of the most powerful of all the Terran states, he wants to do the unthinkable. Inspired by the valour and adventures of the infamous Ten Thousand mercenaries, he prepares a pre-emptive strike against the Empire. Agesilaus will lead the invasion himself, and he will not stop until the enemies of Terra are brought to their knees.