Crescent Hill (Ch. 1-9)

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Crescent Hill (Ch. 1-9)


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Roman Finnegan fixes hotels for a living. Give him two weeks with any failing hospitality business and he’ll make it profitable again.
But his latest charity project, Crescent Hill Lodge, may be beyond saving.
The owners refuse to acknowledge their problems, the staff are disrespectful, and the hideous rooms are filthy. If the Summers can’t turn things around before the new year, they’ll be forced into bankruptcy.
The only person keeping the business afloat is the owners’ daughter and hotel manager, Magnolia (Maggie) Summers. She’s hard-working, loyal and kind. She also has big dreams that are stifled by her inner demons and her dark past.
Despite trying to stay professional, Roman falls hard for this sweet, small-town girl.
So hard, in fact, that he wants to bring her back to London.