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DEEP-SPIRE is a prequel novella to the Palâdnith Chronicles Epic Fantasy series - a tale of duty, choice and self-discovery.

Set 40 years before Book #1 of the series JOURNEY OF SHADOWS begins, DEEP-SPIRE tells the story of Belythna - a sorceress who struggles to come to terms with a changing world.

Belythna is a Sentorân. Once, powerful and respected, her order has fallen into stagnation. The rulers of Palâdnith no longer seek their council, and the people view sorcerers with distrust. However, the greatest threat to the Sentorân, and everything they stand for, comes from within.

As Belythna struggles to come to terms with a changing world, and her place in it, she must decide who she really is, and where her loyalties lie.