The Legend Begins

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The Legend Begins


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This is a new faery tale. One you haven’t heard. The story of where it all began.

In all corners of the world men whisper of the legends of Iski Flare, filling their routine lives with tales of his bravery. Village children pretend to have his adventurous nature and skills with the axe; while women dream of his kindness and strength.

Born under a prophecy to end a curse, Iski and Flare grow surrounded by whispers of what they will become. Children know little of witches and curses, and in time the prophecy was whispered no more. A town may forget a prophecy, but it doesn’t always follow that it forgets them. And Iski and Flare are about to discover just how long lasting a curse can be.

This is the tale of how the boy became the man; the man who would become the Legend, Iski Flare.