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Kibbles and Bits is a literary sampler of excerpts from the first five published books of time travel series, THE FAIRIES SAGA.
Enjoy a chapter or two of the tales of friends and family who travel through The Trees, the portal between the 18th and 21st centuries.

~It all begins with NAKED IN THE WINTER WIND. A plump and perky concerned old lady falls off a cliff and winds up 230 years in the past, in a rejuvenated body, but without a memory. How and why did it happen? The answer is here.
~Why is the sweet 18th-century psychic girl called HA'PENNY JENNY?
~Why does good-looking Lord James Melbourne say, AYE, I AM A FAIRY?
~Why Marty Melbourne is called DANCES NAKED and more!
Sample the books and develop a craving for the continuing stories of THE FAIRIES SAGA.