Moonstruck (Book one of The Watchers Series)

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Moonstruck (Book one of The Watchers Series)


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They watch. They protect. They are blind.

The Watchers have always been shrouded in mystery, spoken only in superstition and hushed whispers. Augmented humans, handpicked from the proud noble families of the Homelands; it is their sacred duty to watch over us from afar, serving as the Great Tzar’s eyes as we colonise the stars. Using the gift of Sight, they stand vigil, forever watching for threats on this realm and the next. But when power corrupts, who watches the Watchers?

The traitorous adopted children of the war god are back, bringing destruction and terror in their wake. With the planet Gorbek in ruins, they set to a mysterious task: to build a heinous tower of monumental proportions to the skies.

For glory. For prophecy. For ritual.