Family Pride: Love and Challenges

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Family Pride: Love and Challenges


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Business owner Mac MacKinnon is a perfect catch: attractive, successful and a member of an old, established pride of lion shapeshifters. When Zora Mason walks into Mac's coffee bar one day and applies for the position of assistant manager, he knows he's met the woman of his dreams.

Can she accept life with a shifter boyfriend?

Zora knows a lot more about Mac (and the other shifters in town) than she's been letting on. Falling in love with a sexy shifter is more than she bargained for when it comes to dealing with managing an alpha male who's used to doing things his way. When a challenge to Mac's Pride threatens to destroy his family, Zora has to decide whether to be claimed as his mate in a ritual in front of the pride.

Who knew that love with a lion shifter would be so challenging?