Saving Money - Heistdom Prequel

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Saving Money - Heistdom Prequel


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Take a chance, you never know how good you might be at it.

Telemarketer Maximilian Hansen, a middle-class American, struggles at a dead-end job. Every day, he calls several hundred clients, in the hopes of making a few sales to support his wife and two kids. With monthly expenses piling up and his spouse worried that they might lose the house, Max is compelled to seek other methods to make ends meet.

On an unforgettable day, he encounters a stranger. Little does Max know just how much that man will turn his world upside down. Offered the chance to change his life in ways he's never even imagined, though, Max is faced with a decision. Should he take a chance at bettering his life, at the risk that things could go sour and potentially endanger his life?
What is the price of freedom?