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Walter Sébastien's Notebook #1
Meet Walter Sébastien, the heat teacher.
“I do have sex with some of my clients, but only if we agree on it beforehand. And I assure you, even in heat, you will know very well who you want or don’t want. I’m here to take care of you, see that you’re rested, that you don’t hurt yourself, and that your needs are met in the best possible way. I’ll help you choose what you might need and teach you how to use it. Want me to show you to your room?”
About Tristan is an erotic short story written for my own entertainment in times of self-isolation. I choose to call this genre heat erotica. It’s inspired by omegaverse romance, but I adjust the “rules” as I see fit. All sexual interactions between the main characters are consensual.
5000 words.