Light My Fire: Big City Heat Book 1

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No Way. I can’t be falling for him. No freaking way...


I’ve been the acting chief at this station ever since they let Larry go. I'm a seasoned firefighter and I’m the best man for the job. Besides, I need the raise that comes with the promotion.The last thing I need is someone coming along and screwing it all up.


When they asked me to leave my small town fire hall and head on out to the big city, I wasn’t keen on the idea. But, the ex-wife’s harassing phone calls and visits finally did me in and I found myself in Karawa, New York. It's too bad one of the men on my team keeps challenging my every move. Only, it's not a man. It's the girl I've had a crush on my whole life, the girl I grew up next door to, the one I went all through school with.