Broken Marine: Bonus Chapter & Epilogue

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Broken Marine: Bonus Chapter & Epilogue


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Could she be the one that fixes this broken marine?

They say I’m the hottest guy on campus. I just like to have fun…

Word spreads — and I’ve developed quite the reputation. My latest escapade has the ‘toughest’ guy on campus after me. What can a pussy like that do to a guy like me?

I finished my tour in the sandbox and now I’m back home trying to get my degree. It’s not cheap either. I have to bartend most nights just to keep a roof above my head!

Booze and girls make the endless pain go away — at least until I sober up. But how long can I really keep this up?

The day I met Ashley, my life changed forever. The pain stopped and she was all I could think about.

The problem is she thinks I’m the campus playboy. How do I convince her that I’m a changed man?