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Cocky. Womanizing. Jerk.

Xavier Stone has been called many things, and he's proud of most of them.

Driving a Ferrari 488, living in Tribeca, and running businesses that spit out $$$, he's living the dream.
He can, and often does, have any woman he wants.

Except for Isabel Laronde.
That chick is something else.

Isabel Laronde is mistrusting of the rich and privileged, and Xavier Stone represents everything she hates in a man.
Arrogant and self-assured, not only does he have an innate sense of his sexual prowess, he also thinks he's god's gift to women.

Smart and sassy, Izzy can see right through his flirtatious attempts and there's no way in hell she's falling for any of them.

But, despite her best intentions, she does.