Forbidden Fruit Anthology by LaSasha Flame

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Forbidden Fruit Anthology by LaSasha Flame


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LaSasha Flame, the queen of all things dark and twisty, has gotten together with some of her favorite up-and-coming authors to compile an anthology with seven of the most erotic and wild taboo tales ever dared to be told!

Join Guy Feston and his unquenchable thirst for Simone Craven, his boss’s wife in Malek Montag’s Caught By Illicit Cravings. Jessa Melroy’s titillating story, Jessica’s Naughty Mind, allows us wander through all the endless, indecent fantasies young Jessica has for Uncle Jeremy. Edward Buatois weaves a sensual and erotic memoir of Meghan and the time she shares with beautiful Brie and all the drama in between in Like Leaves In A Stream. These are just the tip of the naughty iceberg!

This collection houses the most forbidden lusts imaginable. Can you make it through all