The Ravenglass Fragment VI: The God Machine

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The Ravenglass Fragment VI: The God Machine


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The final showdown has come at last. To thwart the plans of would-be god Gordon P. Chandler, Alex St. John and his companions must now take on an army of ghouls and fanatics armed with automatic weapons in a battle to the finish. The Shepherds aren't without their own weapons, either -- Annabelle Lee Moore bears the power of a goddess and rides a mighty dragon, Loren Hodges holds an enchanted earth weapon and boy-reporter Rob Maher has the power to heal and inspire. Even so, it's going to be a tough struggle, as Chandler and his followers have completed the God Machine, a device that will draw power from a dozen worlds and make its owner a being of absolute power. Even with the help of an army of fantastic beings and ancient magic from the dawn of time, it looks as if the odds are against