The Claiming of the Duke

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The Claiming of the Duke


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...the huge dark bulk of Gardenhour rose at his back…at once a blessing of family and security, and a curse of loneliness and lies…

A dangerous man with a dark and tragic past

An innocent girl with dreams of a bright future

Can Gwenyth’s love drive away the shadows enveloping Max’s heart, or will she pay with her life for daring to claim him as her own?

Readers of The Sand Prince will recognize the Duke, his great horse Mammoth, and his beloved Gwenyth in their romantic quest. Finally available in this world, The Claiming of the Duke is the novel that brought the warring kingdoms of Mistra and Eriis back together. Now you can read the entire novel that began Rhuun’s harrowing journey through The Door.

Praise for The Claiming of the Duke-
“It is a great book.” Prince Rhuun of Eriis