The Training: Tess by S. H. Marpel

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The Training: Tess by S. H. Marpel


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Tesseracts fold time and space. I inherited the ability to both find and control them.

Unlimited access to all universes. Sort of.

Yea, freaky. I know too well how freaky.

So I spent my life on the move - through many times, and many spaces. Forgetting where and when I'd been wasn't an option. My salvation was mastering the trick of retracing my path. To find my original home, to find the love I'd lived so long without.

It wasn't just missing a normal childhood.

If I didn't figure out how to get my life back under control, I'd just be growing older.


Without any home or family or lover to ever call my own.

(Contains cliffhanger ending...)

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