Phoenix Awakened

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Phoenix Awakened


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The Phoenix Hunter Guild had clear rules. Demons bad. Humans good. Born from the mythical Phoenix, the hunters were supposed to hunt the evil that preyed upon the unsuspecting human world.

At least, that was what Adara used to do.

After falling for one of the very beings she was supposed to kill, Adara swore she'd never hunt again.

Until now.

The leader of the Phoenix Hunter Guild, Adara's very own father, has disappeared leaving behind a bouquet of roses with a note addressed to her. Someone was calling her out, and heaven forbid Adara ever back down from a challenge.

Note: This is a side story for the Mary Wiles Chronicles happening between books 3, Deceived by Hell, and book 4, Tempted by Hell. You don't have to read the series to read this one but why wouldn't you?