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Her Angel Protector

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Her Angel Protector


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What happens when your most horrific nightmare becomes a reality? When she is attacked by demons that haunt her nightmares, the man from Darcy’s dreams comes to rescue her. Only Ronan isn’t a man. He’s an Angel. And he isn’t happy to see her. He’s angry. Very angry.

Then he proceeds to tell her the nightmare is real. Furthermore, she’s also an Angel and they have to fight the strongest demon ever created — Asmodeus — and stop him bringing Hell to Earth.
The thing is, she has no memory of being an Angel. She can’t wield a sword. She has no wings. And she’s a pacifist.

Darcy must regain her Angel-Power using the chakra power-centres of the Earth, while battling lesser demons and her overwhelming desire for Ronan she feels with every cell in her body.