Supernatural Speed Dating (6 Chapter Preview)

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Supernatural Speed Dating (6 Chapter Preview)


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Natasha spends every minute of her life upholding the GOTH motto, “Hurt can be fixed, there isn’t anything we can do about dead.”

As Captain of the Guardians of True Humanity, there is always another paranormal bad-ass to hunt down. But Natasha’s mother and witchy-best friend think she needs a social life, so they’re forcing her to attend the Supernatural Speed Dating event. She doesn’t have time for this crap.

Dominic made a deal with the devil, or more accurately with one of his grandson's. Now he is stuck in the hell of speed dating. His attitude changed the minute Natasha raised her head and met his gaze with laughing blue eyes.

Natasha and Dominic aren't looking for a relationship. Then Natasha gets kidnapped and the whole world changes.