The Case of a Cruising Phantom by S. H. Marpel

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The Case of a Cruising Phantom by S. H. Marpel


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I knew exactly why I was still here. To haunt whoever had pushed me overboard.

My only problem was finding them. And if they weren't still alive, they had relatives.

Meanwhile, I kept amused by haunting the ship's passengers and crew. And the cruise line didn't have a problem with it. Their "haunted cruises" were a big hit. Full capacity for this old boat and its evening dinner cruises out beyond the harbor.

"Misstep Mary" they called me. Even had a faded photo of me blown up and cut out so passengers could take photos with me "haunting" them. Because they ruled my death accidental. But would I still be here if it was?

So I arranged for the Ghost Hunters to show up and solve this. Otherwise, there was no peaceful 'going into the light'. Getting revenge might be all I get...