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English Superiority and Irish Barbarianism: 1154-1485

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English Superiority and Irish Barbarianism: 1154-1485


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The reasons the English became involved in Ireland. The roots of the prejudices and injustices in the English attitude toward Ireland, date back to this time. Examines the effect of English involvement in Irish affairs from the English as well, as the Irish point of view.

The period of time between Brian Bóru’s involvement in the Battle of Clontarf (1014) and the Coming of the English to Ireland (1169) are dead and forgettable years in Irish History. It was is a century and a half when Ireland was changing.

If you want to read about Ireland’s opinion on the issues outlined in this article, read the two books in the "When Ireland Had Kings" series: Celtic Dragon and Celtic Warrior. Celtic Dragon has already been released. Celtic Warrior will be released by the end of February 2019.