A Final Game

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A Final Game


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What is the purpose of Yarra being on Earth? What is her duty as an Oracle?

During their journey, Avice also reveals his desire to give Yarra the Vampire’s bite, in hopes that it would transform her into a vampire. But there is a catch. The success of the process depends on the emotional connection between the vampire and the recipient of the bite. If it fails, Yarra would die in the process.

Yarra has to consider her options. Is their love for each other adequate for Avice to transform her into a vampire with his bite? Or would she and their unborn child in her body perish? Yarra has the power to see her future, but to answer this question, she has to see Avice’s future too – and that is impossible.

With the ‘Keeper of the Blades’ clan members hot in pursuit, keen on their destruction