Space Team: The Holiday Special

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Space Team: The Holiday Special


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Die Hard meets the Nativity - in space!

Having saved the galaxy, Cal Carver and the crew of the Shatner drop by the North Star space station for Kroyshuk - an annual celebration of peace and goodwill - and some well-earned R&R.

But all thoughts of rest go out the window when Cal finds himself playing guardian angel to a mysterious pregnant woman, whose unborn son is being hunted by a malevolent baby-eating king.

With the king's forces closing in, and the woman's contractions coming at an alarming rate, Cal's first Kroyshuk might just turn out to he his last.

A short festive tale packed with space pirates, bounty hunters, Godzilla-lions and Dorothy out of the Golden Girls, Space Team: The Holiday Special is the perfect entry point to the Space Team universe.